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Our ultimate goal is to make B2B Wholesale as easy and efficient as possible for customers around the world.

Our working process

We are committed to helping these artisans reach new heights with their creative skills and products.

DPAARA Handmade

About us

Discover a wide range of exquisite handmade crafts from skilled artisans in Uttar Pradesh, India. Shop now at DPAARA Handmade, your premium eCommerce destination.

DPAARA® Handmade (DPAARA Overseas Private Limited)  is a premium eCommerce brand focused on providing a platform for talented artisans based in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our mission is to showcase their exceptional handmade crafts to customers around the world. Established in 2022, we are proud to work with more than 100 dedicated artisans and designers from across India, helping them bring their ideas to life.

Our values

1. Handcrafted Excellence

We take pride in the quality and intricacy of our products. Each piece is handcrafted by experienced local artisans who have been carefully selected for their commitment to excellence in craftsmanship

2. Passionate for Real

We are dedicated to promoting traditional Indian crafts, that can last for generations while being environmentally friendly. Our artisans create beautiful, sustainable pieces without harming our planet.

2. We Promote integrity 

DPAARA Handmade is committed to building lasting relationships with our customers by establishing trust, ensuring transparency, and providing exceptional quality products at affordable prices. 

Empowering Local Artisans

By partnering with local artisans, we provide them with a global platform to showcase their work, generate a sustainable income, and preserve their traditional skills. This, in turn, helps improve the quality of life for their families and communities, fostering a positive social impact.

Our Statements

Collective Goal

As a socially conscious eCommerce brand, we strive to promote creativity and craftsmanship globally. We are dedicated to supporting local artisans and preserving India's rich heritage of craftsmanship.



Our mission is to provide beautiful, sustainable Indian handmade products to our customers while supporting local artisans, creating employment opportunities, and helping to preserve India's rich craftsmanship and heritage.



To bring the finest and most unique handmade products from all over the world to the fingertips of our customers, creating a bridge between artisans and buyers that promotes sustainability and equitable economic growth.

Why Choose

DPAARA Handmade

We understand that the modern customer is looking for unique, high-quality products that tell a story. That's why we handpick our artisans and collaborate with them to create items that not only have a meaningful cultural narrative but also meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. When you shop at DPAARA Handmade, you're not just purchasing an item; you're supporting a community of skilled artisans and preserving a rich heritage.


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